Ann cocca


According to the 2006 100th episode of The Weakest Link, there has been more than 9000 contestants. The contestants are brave enough to make their way to the studio and face the host, but however, a lot of the contestants have admitted to coming onto the show to meet Anne and have a great day out and not necerellary for the money.


It is very difficult to apply to be a contestant on The Weakest Link. Firstly, any one who wants to apply must be a resident of the UK and has to apply by visiting the BBC website and sending a message to the BBC and send them their details. After this stage, the BBC phone the applied person and ask them to attend an interview, and at this stage, they will decide whether or not the person should appear on the show or not. After this point, the BBC will phone back if the person is accepted or not and they will give a date for when the episode that they're going to be on will be filming.


The contestants' attitude towards Anne is hard to predict. There has been several contestants who have tried to argue with Anne. In early 2008, a contestant named Angela appeared and in her introduction, she said she was 49 and retired. However, after the team banked 1000 pounds in round one, they voted Angela off because they thought she lied about her age. Angela admitted to lying and stated that there was an age discrimination act and that she doesn't have to tell her age. Anne tried to argue, but Angela kept stating things. In her interview, Angela said that the team has lost a very valuable player and thought of herself as a high iQ and said that anything people ask her she doesn't need a calculator.